Dr. Geol. Giorgio Bringiotti

  • He graduated from the University of Genoa in Geology 2 November 1963.
  • From 1963 to 1964 official FIAT-SAI as a technical expert assessment of risks and claims of civil engineering and mining.
  • From 1964 to 1966 Head Area Liguria, Atlas Copco, during the excavation of tunnels highway dei Fiori and the Genoa - Livorno.
  • From 1966 to 1994 Member, Technical Director and Chief of the Scandinavian group machines - Sala SpA

During these years have been developed in detail excavation techniques with explosives, mechanized digging with drills and hydraulic hammers, methods of horizontal and vertical transport of minerals and aggregates (conveyor belts, dump trucks and shovels HLD from underground, winches for wells with skips, monorails , locomotives, wagons and tippers automatic), consolidation methods, techniques of digging wells and design and assembly of special systems for the mining enrichment (crushing, screening, flotation, leaching, ...) bringing the Group to be between the first in Italy and the Mediterranean as manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, services and spare parts for the engineering of the Underground.

Simultaneously hone their academic knowledge in petrographic and mineralogical sciences, mechanics of soils and rocks, giving a personal contribution to the improvement of building systems and applications of your Society. He collaborates with various magazines and participates in numerous national and international conferences, many of which plays the role of Speaker.

The work of professional geologist has been maintained through a frequent expert work that ranges from the study of special foundations (dams, bridges, piers, ...), consolidating soils and slopes, studies of the basin, cultivation quarries, economic evaluations for mining settings .
This activity is particularly relevant since 1994 in Italy and abroad for example: setting of borrow pits for rock dams in Kenya, mechanization of gold mining in South Africa through the use of special equipment such as TBM rectangular section, study of deep foundation in soft ground (Algeria), study of the basin for various streams of the Ligurian, the study maxifrana Silla, study for the use of shotcrete wet in deep gold mines (South Africa), setting technical economic small mines of precious stones in Kenya, study contracts for roads and tunnels in Algeria, Malawi, Romania, Lesotho and Iran, study of cultivation and enrichment of mining for gold mines in Peru, feasibility studies and supervision of works for various consolidation work fronts, lining shotcrete large landfills for hazardous waste (Palastreto, FI), consolidation of channels (Villoresi, MI) and study drilling laprofilatura and finish of the outlet tunnels of the Yellow River in China (Luo Yang ).

Since 1994 he collaborates continuously with his son Maximilian.


Dr. Ing. Ak. Massimiliano Bringiotti

  • He graduated in 1991 Ing. Meccanica
  • 1994 thesis rewarded by the three-year competition SIG
  • 1995 Module of specialization at the Corep, Poli TO, in "Mechanized Tunnelling"
  • Since 1998, after several experiences shipbuilding in Algeria (GiCo. SpA), Germany (Westphalia Lünen), Italy and France (Pizzarotti & C), with his father Giorgio, he manages the activities of GeoTunnel
  • 2002 Honorary member of the Moscow Mining Academy
  • 2006 Board member of the SIG (Societŕ Italiana Gallerie)

Author of several technical articles (in several languages) and books such as "Guida al Tunnelling, l'Arte e la Tecnica", "Consolidamenti & Fondazioni", "Frantoi e Vagli", "Guida al Tunnelling, l'Evoluzione e la Sfida", "CLS" e nel 2010 di "GeoTecnica & Macchine da Perforazione".




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